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We are Yex!

We are Yex. A healthy company with a healthy mission: bringing surprising fruits and vegetables from around the world to the homes of consumers all over Europe and to have them enjoy these products in a way that does justice to all of them.

We smell opportunities.Due to our market research and our years of experience, we have an accurate picture of the consumer. We listen to our customers and provide support to optimize your product range.

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How do we do this?

  • By acting as a trend-setting and reliable chain partner. We strive for long-lasting relationships with our partners.
  • We select our products on the basis of food safety, quality and availability.
  • By dividing the margins in our chain equally, we aim to realize a healthy growth in order to safeguard our partners' continuity.

Why do we do this? 

  • Because we love sharing our passion.
  • Because we'd love for everyone to get acquainted with unknown and surprising flavours.
  • Just because it tastes good.

Yex aims for sustainability

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We believe that sustainability starts from within. Which is why we are taking steps towards a sustainable future, such as minimising waste, generating solar energy, lowering our carbon footprint and creating a healthy workspace for our team. However, we cannot achieve this on our own. We are working closely with our partners toward a more sustainable and happier world. For this reason, we want all our producers to be socially certified by the year 2020.

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What does it mean to be a customer at Yex?



Does the average consumer actually know our products exist? How do you keep these products and what types of food can you make with them? Our service is aimed at dealing with these challenges. We want that your customers feel confident in buying our products.

Our own brands contribute to the ultimate experience. For example, go to

In this process, Yex aims for an efficient supply chain. That is how we can guarantee you the right product, at the right time and in the right amounts.

In addition, we provide:
• Desired packaging and labelling
• Point-of-Sale materials



The wholesale channel works as the intermediary for the produce specialty stores. We strive to have a network of sellers within Europe, in order to make our products available in retail shops as well. Of course, we are also taking the packaging and presentation into account, as is required within this channel.

In addition, we provide:
• Daily prices for our products
• Quickness in delivery, as most of the stock is available on short notice


Food Service

Our products are very suitable for restaurants, caterers, hotels and other out-of-home channels. As a result, we enjoy working with parties that are specialized in this market segment.

We strive for a service level and development of our assortment that connects directly to the demands and requirements of your market. Especially in this segment, we see a lot of opportunities and possibilities for the products in our range.

In addition, we provide:
• Packaging that fits your segment
• Exact ripeness


A lot of our products go by our brand Discovered. The packaging of Discovered products provides not only details about their origin and flavour – including the standard table of nutritional values – but also explains how the product should be stored and prepared.


Read more about Discovered