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The mangosteen has a hard purple rind and extremely tasty flesh. The flesh is white, sweet and juicy. The refreshingly sweet flavour is reminiscent of a pineapple or peach.

The mangosteen is known as the Queen of Fruits due to its intense flavour. Yex provides active promotional support for this wonderful product and we will be happy to help you with promotions and activities!

Mangosteen goes under our brand Discovered.

Passport Mangosteen

Name Mangosteen
Family Clusiaceae (Guttiferae)
Origin Malaysia
Source Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Colombia, Guatemala
Availability Year-round
Packaging Ask about the options
Brand Discovered or supplier's brand

Storage advice Mangosteen

In the store
Before selling, mangosteens must be stored at a temperature between 10 and 11°C.

At home
We advise consumers to store mangosteens in the refrigerator for the best possible flavour.

Usage tips Mangosteen

Slice the rind all the way around the fruit and remove the upper portion. Remove the flesh from the remaining rind and eat as is, or use it in a jam or with homemade ice cream.

Ripeness / Freshness Mangosteen

The softer the skin, the fresher the fruit. The crown colour and damages on the skin do not influence the quality of the fruit.

Calendar Mangosteen

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Growing areas Mangosteen

Mangosteen Teelt

The mangosteen originally comes from Malaysia. Our mangosteens come from Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Colombia en Guatemala.

Discovered Mangosteen

Mangosteen goes under our brand Discovered. The packaging on Discovered products provides not only details about their source and flavour but also explains how the product should be stored and prepared.