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Pitahaya, or dragon fruit, are exotic cactus fruits with a unique appearance. The fruit has a leathery pink or yellow skin, with white or red flesh and black seeds. The pitahaya’s flesh is like a refreshing mix of watermelon and kiwi. It is slightly sweet and low in calories.

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Our pitahayas go under our brand Discovered.

Passport Pitahaya

Name Pitahaya or dragon fruit
Family Cactus
Species Hylocereus undatus
Origin Mexico and America
Source Vietnam, Thailand, Israel
Availability Year-round
Packaging Ask about the options
Brand Discovered or supplier's brand

Storage advice Pitahaya

In the store
Before selling, pitahayas must be stored in a cool, dry place at 7 to 10°C and at a relative humidity (RH) of 85 to 90%.

At home
We recommend that consumers store pitahayas in the refrigerator. Pitahayas taste best when they are eaten fresh and cold

Usage tips Pitahaya

Pitahayas taste best when they are eaten fresh and cold. The flesh is perfect in salads, desserts and cocktails or as a garnish.

Ripeness / Freshness Pitahaya

Allow to ripen at room temperature or keep in the refrigerator for a few days. Pitahaya is ripe when the skin is pink and the leaves are bright green.

Calendar Pitahaya

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Growing areas Pitahaya

Pitahaya Growers

Pitahayas originally come from Mexico and America, growing in many warm countries where temperatures reach as much as 40°C. Our Discovered pitahayas come primarily from Vietnam, Thailand and Israel. T

Discovered Pitahaya

Pitahaya goes under our brand Discovered. The packaging on Discovered products provides not only details about their source and flavour – and the standard table of nutritional values – but also explains how the product should be stored and prepared.