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Plantains are much larger than regular bananas. The skin is hard and can be yellow, green or reddish in color. Plantains cannot be eaten raw, unlike ordinary bananas.


Passport Plantains

Name Plantain
Family Musa
Origin South America
Source Ecuador
Availability Year-round
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Storage advice Plantains

In the store
Plantains should be stored around 8 degrees Celsius and with a relative humidity (RH) of 50-60% before sale.

At home
We advise consumers to store plantains at room temperature, for example in the fruit bowl. Plantains can be kept for more than a week.

Usage tips Plantains

Plantain is best when the skin has turned completely black. Remove the peel and cook or fry the banana. Note: you cannot eat plantain raw. Unripe plantains can also be used. Then the bananas have to be washed after peeling. Also, the cooking or baking time will be longer if the banana is not yet ripe.

Calendar Plantains

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Growing areas Plantains

Plantains Growth

The plantain comes mainly from South America and is also eaten there as the main ingredient of the meal. Our plantains come from Ecuador.