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Green asparagus

If white asparagus are called the “white gold”, then our green asparagus can definitely be termed the “green gold”. The healthy green gold! This is because all types of asparagus are rich in vitamins and low in calories. Yex provides active promotional support for this wonderful product and we will be happy to help you with promotions and activities! We also have white asparagus in our assortment.

Green asparagus go under our brand Discovered.

What is green asparagus?

Green asparagus is the green shoot which emerges from the root of the asparagus plant. Green asparagus gets its fresh green colour because it grows above ground and receives sufficient sunlight. Green asparagus is spicy and nutty in flavour. In general, green asparagus contain the most vitamins out of all the types of asparagus.

Where does green asparagus come from?

The asparagus originally comes from Egypt. Our green asparagus comes from Mexico, Peru, Polen and Spain. Asparagus is harvested by hand and is refrigerated immediately after being cut in order to reach a low temperature as quickly as possible.

How do you store  green asparagus?

Before selling, asparagus must be stored in a cool place at 0 to 2°C and at a relative humidity (RH) of 90 to 95%. We recommend that the consumer removes the rubber band and then places the asparagus in a plastic bag. This then needs to be put in the crisper in the refrigerator. Don’t leave them for too long; the fresher, the better!

How do you eat green asparagus?

You don’t have to peel green asparagus. Cut off a bit of the woody bottom part of the stalk and then soak the stalks in cold water for 30 minutes. Boil or stir-fry the asparagus for 7 to 10 minutes, depending on the thickness. Green asparagus is also delicious grilled or roasted.

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Passport green asparagus

Name Green asparagus  
Family Asparagaceae  
Origin Egypt  
Source Peru, Mexico, Poland, Spain  
Availability Year-round  
Packaging Ask about the options  
Brand Discovered or supplier's label  

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Discovered Green asparagus

Green asparagus goes under our brand Discovered. The packaging on Discovered products provides not only details about their source and flavour – and the standard table of nutritional values – but also explains how the product should be stored and prepared.