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A look behind the Yex booth at Fruit Logistica
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A look behind the Yex booth at Fruit Logistica

Fruit Logistica is one of the biggest international fresh produce trade shows. It is an important moment for business relationships to meet up and discuss about the future. We have attended the trade show for many years now and every year we try to come up with new and innovative ideas to attract positive attention. This is where Shen comes in, our strategic designer. He is responsible for the design and execution of the Yex booth. In this blog he will show you the reasoning behind the design decisions for the Yex booth.

Exotic hut

Stronger relationships

The goal for me was to create a space in which our business relationships would feel at home and had the privacy to talk. I wanted to design a semi-secluded area where people could just walk in and talk. This meant that the space should feel comfortable, open and yet secluded enough for a private meeting. For this reason, I designed an exotic hut, which is made from wood with a “worn” finish to emphasize our exotic Discovered brand. It has a small picnic table in the middle, enough to fit 4-6 people. On the table there was a big wooden fruit bowl filled with exotic fruits. Other small details like hanging lamps, hanging plants and baskets filled with sweet potatoes were all there to emphasize the home/cozy feeling.

To make the area not feel too closed off, I designed an opening at the side of the hut and filled it with 2 square pictures. This created the illusion of a window. The hut had a perfect combination of modern and authentic elements, making everyone who sits there have a cozy feeling.

Froyo bar

Creating engagement and buzz

The second goal of the booth was to attract attention of potentially new relationships. I decided to promote the product we sell, so they can taste it for themselves. Often times people don’t know the possibilities of certain exotics. To show the versatility of exotics, I wanted something which most people are already familiar with and combine this with our exotics. At first I thought of ice cream, but a healthier version of it, which eventually became the frozen yogurt concept. This was the perfect solution, because it was engaging, fun and created buzz.

Froyo cup
It was a perfect way of showing people how easy we can increase the consumption of exotic fruit and vegetables. Furthermore, with our designed frozen yogurt cup, we had free promotion around the trade show, because people holding the frozen yogurt ice are walking promotional materials. Lastly, the yogurt was also a great “ice breaker” for potential and existing customers. “Let’s start the conversation with a frozen yogurt!”.


Endorsing our Brand

The final element of the booth was to promote the different Discovered products. I had two ways to do that. The first one was outside the exotic hut, where I tried to design a small shelf space. I added the Discovered look and feel to it with our blue boxes, colour packaging and promotional materials. Our research data showed that when exotics are put together like this in the store, it will generate the most awareness and potential purchase. I tried to replicate this by showing the effectiveness of such a presentation to our customers.

The second way to endorse our Discovered brand was the Discovered tree. We have so many diverse products and packaging, and I want to highlight them. A tree with many branches does that perfectly. I decided to make the shelfs white, to highlight the products even more. The shape and material of the tree is coherent with the exotic hut and with the exotic blue background, it created the same modern and authentic look.


Look further!

In conclusion, when designing a booth it is not just about the visual presentation. There is more than meets the eye. Every aspect of the booth should be well thought of and it should always have a function. Next time when visiting our booth, or any booth for that matter, try to see why certain elements are there. It’s a fun game, or at least for me it is!
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