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"From customer-supplier relationship towards partnership" Read more

"From customer-supplier relationship towards partnership"

Martijn de Graaf, Managing Director Farmhouse International

As of 1 January 2021, Yex and the grower cooperations Avor, SPOT and FV SeleQt fall under a new holding company: Farmhouse International. Why this new structure and what will customers and suppliers notice? Martijn de Graaf, managing director of Farmhouse International, explains.
"Good initiatives to combat food waste" Read more

"Good initiatives to combat food waste"

Yexpert Stories: Supply Chain Coordinator TIm

In our series "Yexpert Stories": Tim Boekestijn, our Supply Chain Coordinator. What does a Supply Chain Coordinator actually do? And what does he have to do with preventing food waste? Tim tells you all about it in the blog!