Get to know our banderole packaging! Handy sustainable packaging made of 100% recyclable paper. The 2-piece packaging is available for the Ready to Eat Mangoes and Avocados from the Discovered range. The lightweight packaging is easy to carry and ensures good product visibility.


  • 100% recyclable and FSC certified paper
  • Maximum product visibility
  • Convenient QR code with product inspiration

Do you have any questions about the possibilities of banderole packaging? Please feel free to contact our banderole specialist Evert Pronk

Banderol Avocado en Mango

Sustainability first

Banderole packaging is made 100% of paper and most components contain FSC certified paper. Because the packaging is plastic-free, the packaging can be thrown away in the paper bin. Paper packaging is often heavier, but this is not the case with the Banderole. It is even lighter than our old flow pack!

Banderol voor- en achterkant
Banderol close up

QR code for access to exotic recipe platform

The unique feature of the banderole packaging is the QR code that can be found on each product. By simply scanning the code, you can access the Discovered recipe platform. This website is full of handy product information, cutting techniques and more than 200 exotic recipes. From main dishes to breakfast, for both mango and avocado there is plenty of inspiration for consumers, in various languages. Banderole offers several advantages for consumers.

Ready to Eat

The mangoes and avocados come from professional growers who supply products ideally suited to ripening. Mangoes come from countries including Peru, Senegal, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Costa Rica, Israel, Brazil and Spain. In our warehouse, we have ripening cells with the latest technology. But technology alone is not enough. The ripening of mangos and avocados will always be done by people. Yex works with ripening masters who, if necessary, get up in the middle of the night and make sure that the avocados and mangos ripen correctly. Yex has put together a team with passion and experience that ensures that every mango and avocado leaving our warehouse, in whatever packaging, is a feast for the consumer.

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Do you have any questions about our banderole packaging? Please feel free to contact our Yexperts

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