Pomelo van Yex

Pomelo A pomelo is a large citrus fruit related to the grapefruit. It can grow up to 30 cm. Pomelos are also called Chinese grapefruit. This large, delicious citrus fruit is becoming ever more popular. Pomelo consumption within Europe has increased slightly in recent years. Yex actively supports this wonderful product and we will be […]

Barhi dates

bahri dadel los

Barhi dates The (Barhi) date is a stone fruit that grows in clusters on special date palms. The palms can grow up to 25 meters high and last up to 150 years old. The Barhi date grows mainly in Africa and Asia and gets its name (Barhi) from the hot, Arabian wind. Dates are rich […]

Pink pomelo

Pink pomelo van Yex

Pink pomelo A pomelo is a large citrus fruit related to the grapefruit. It can grow up to 30 cm. Pomelos are also called Chinese grapefruit. Our unique pink pomelo has pink flesh and is very attractive. Pink pomelo has a sweet and juicy taste. Our Pomelos go under our brand Discovered. Discover the packing […]


Mango van Yex

A mango is a stone fruit that’s available in many varieties and has a wonderfully sweet flavour. There are mangos with green, yellow, orange, red or multi-coloured skins. The colour of the skin is not an indication of how ripe the mango is. The flesh of a ripe mango is soft, sweet and juicy, light […]

Passion fruit

Passion fruit from Yex

Passion fruit is a sweet exotic fruit. The fruit has a round shape with a hard leathery skin, which start to wrinkle after some time. When the skin is wrinkled, the passion fruit tastes at his best. The contents of a passion fruits consists of fellow flesh with black edible seeds. Passion fruit’s popularity is […]


Lime from Yex

The lime is a small, refreshing citrus fruit. The yellow-green flesh of the lime is less tart, and fresher, more fragrant and juicier than that of the lemon. Lime juice or zest gives dishes, drinks and sauces a fresh taste. Lime is a wonderfully flavoursome ingredient in cooking. It gives dishes, drinks and sauces a […]


Physalis from Yex

We would like to put our physalis fruits in the limelight! The physalis, also known as the Cape gooseberry or simply golden berry, is a berry enclosed in a papery husk. The bright orange berry is similar to a tomato. This wonderful golden berry has a tartly sweet flavour and its lovely paper-lantern-like husks make […]

Nashi pear

Nashipeer van Yex

The Nashi pear is a round fruit with the shape and size of an apple, hence the pear is also colloquially known as the apple pear. They have the texture and bite of an apple, but the sweetness and taste of a pear. The pear is white on the inside and has a small core. […]


Vijgen van Yex

The fig is the fruit of the fig tree, which bears fruit once a year. It is one of the first fruits cultivated by man: traces of fig plantations dating from around 9000 BC have been found. Figs have a thin, leathery skin. Fresh figs are gaining in popularity all the time. You can eat […]


Pitahaya van Yex

Pitahaya, or dragon fruit, are exotic cactus fruits with a unique appearance. The fruit has a leathery pink or yellow skin, with white or red flesh and black seeds. The pitahaya’s flesh is like a refreshing mix of watermelon and kiwi. It is slightly sweet and low in calories. Our pitahayas are growing more popular […]