Papaya Golden

Papaya Golden van Yex

The papaya is a tropical fruit that can be found in South America, Asia, and Central and South Africa. The fruit grows directly on the tree’s trunk. The trees bear fruit year-round. A ripe papaya has orange flesh and seeds which are not consumed. The flesh has a subtle, melon-like flavour. Papaya Golden is a […]


Granaatappel van Yex

The pomegranate is a wonderful red fruit, roughly the same size as an orange. The fruit is packed with masses of edible seeds. The seeds consist of light or dark red, jelly-like flesh surrounding an edible white pip. The pomegranate is very healthy and has a wonderful taste. Our pomegranates are the finest quality and […]

Drink coconut

Drinkkokosnoot van Yex

The drink coconut is a hand-picked coconut harvested while still young, when it contains a lot of fresh coconut water. The drink coconut is creamy white in colour, sometimes with brown patches. As the name says, the drinking coconut is used for drinking from. There is very little coconut flesh in the young coconut but […]


Kokosnoot van Yex

A coconut is not really a nut but the stone fruit of the coconut palm. This coconut has a brown, hairy shell with white flesh on the inside. The fruit also contains coconut water, but much less than the drinking coconut. Yex provides active promotional support for this wonderful product and we will be happy […]


Kumquats from Yex

The kumquat is a small, bright orange-coloured citrus fruit. Kumquats are approximately 4 centimetres in diameter. Both the skin and the flesh are edible, and have a tart flavour. The skin is slightly sweeter, while the flesh is a little more sour. Kumquats are incredibly healthy and contain a lot of vitamin C and potassium. […]


Rambutan van Yex

The rambutan is one of the most beloved fruits in Southeast Asia. The spiny red skin contains a glossy, edible slightly acidic but sweet tasting fruit. Rambutans are also called “hairy lychee” because the fruit is reminiscent of a lychee, but the skin is completely different. The rambutan has a juicy, sweet and sour taste. […]


Mangistan van Yex

The mangosteen has a hard purple rind and extremely tasty flesh. The flesh is white, sweet and juicy. The refreshingly sweet flavour is reminiscent of a pineapple or peach. The mangosteen is known as the Queen of Fruits due to its intense flavour. Yex provides active promotional support for this wonderful product and we will […]


Sharonfruit van Yex

The Sharon fruit is a type of kaki or persimmon. Unlike a kaki, the Sharon fruit is always ready to eat and contains no seeds. Sharon fruit is particularly rich in vitamin C. Sharon fruit can be eaten both hard and soft. If the fruit is still hard, it tastes crisp as an apple. As […]


Carambola van Yex

The carambola is a star-shaped fruit with a light yellow skin and translucent flesh that can contain a few (edible) black seeds. Its tarty sweetness makes it especially thirst-quenching. Carambola is often used in salads, tastes delicious with ice cream and desserts and makes an attractive garnish for various dishes or cocktails. Yex actively supports […]