Baby pineapple

Baby-ananas van Yex

Baby pineapple or Victoria pineapple is a small variation of the well-known pineapple. The flesh of baby pineapple is dark golden yellow, very juicy, sweeter, softer and more aromatic than that of an ordinary pineapple. Name Baby pineapple Family Bromeliaceae Species Queen Victoria Origin South Africa Source South Africa, Mauritius Availability Year-round Packaging Ask about […]


Bakbananen van Yex

Plantains are much larger than regular bananas. The skin is hard and can be yellow, green or reddish in color. Plantains cannot be eaten raw, unlike ordinary bananas. Name Plantain Family Musa Origin South America Source Ecuador Availability Year-round Packaging Vraag naar de mogelijkheden Brand Supplier’s brand In the store Plantains should be stored around […]