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ABC Westland 120

2685 DB Poeldijk

the Netherlands


Our Yexperts

Our sellers and buyers are our Yexperts in the field of our products.

Yex is part of Farmhouse International. Our management team and all employees of support services, such as marketing, finance and operations are employed by Farmhouse, but also work for Yex. Would you like to contact someone from these departments? Go to the Farmhouse International website.


Jeffrey Wupkes

Sales Manager

Raymond van Dijke

Account Manager

Lennard van den Berg

Account Manager

Stefan Fitskie

Account Manager

Naomi van der Kaaij

Product Manager

Robbert van Essen

Sourcing Manager

Pammi Luijchjenbroer

Sales Assistant

Xian Huang

Product Manager

Stef Odenkirchen

Product Manager

Lisa van Zon

Product Manager