Pink pomelo

A pomelo is a large citrus fruit related to the grapefruit. It can grow up to 30 cm. Pomelos are also called Chinese grapefruit.

Our unique pink pomelo has pink flesh and is very attractive. Pink pomelo has a sweet and juicy taste.

Our Pomelos go under our brand Discovered.

Passport Pink Pomelo

Name Pink Pomelo
Family Rutaceae
Variety Citrus Maxima x Citrus xparadisi
Origin China, Thailand en Malaysia
Source China
Availability Year-round
Packaging Ask about options
Brand Discovered or supplier’s brand

Storage advice Pink Pomelo

In the store

Before selling, Pink pomelos must be stored at 6 to 8°C and at a relative humidity (RH) of 90%.

At home

We recommend that consumers store pink pomelos in a cool place, outside the refrigerator. Pomelos stay fresh for several weeks, but they will become less juicy. A sliced pomelo or just the flesh can be stored in cling film in the refrigerator for a few days.

Usage tips Pink Pomelo

Pink pomelos are eaten fresh. The flesh can be eaten as is, but is also delicious in salads, desserts, smoothies and juices.

Extra tip for the consumer
Try pink pomelo for breakfast: delicious with yogurt or cottage cheese.

Calendar Pink Pomelo


Growing Areas Pink Pomelo

Pomelo’s originally come from Thailand and Malaysia. Our pink pomelos come from China

Discovered Pomelo

Pomelos go under our brand Discovered. The packaging on Discovered products provides not only details about their source and flavour but also explains how the product should be stored and prepared.

Our Discovered recipe platform is full of handy product information, cutting techniques and more than 200 exotic recipes. From main dishes to breakfast, for pomelo there is plenty of inspiration for consumers


Pink pomelo

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