Sugar snaps

Sugar snaps are fresh green legumes that you can eat entirely. They originated from a cross between peas and snow peas. Sugar snaps taste sweeter than snow peas because of the presence of the peas, hence the name.

Sugar snaps and snow peas are sometimes mixed up. The difference between snow peas and sugar snaps can mainly be seen in the shape: snow peas are flat and sugar snaps are convex. The taste is also different; sugar snaps are sweeter and snow peas are soft and refined in taste.

Sugar snaps, or sugar snap peas, taste fresh and sweet with a crunchy bite. You can eat them raw, try using them in a salad! Yex provides active promotional support for this wonderful product and we will be happy to help you with promotions and activities!

Our sugar snaps go under our brand Discovered.

Passport Sugar snaps

Name Sugar snaps or sugar snap peas
Family Fabaceae
Origin Asia
Source Kenya, Zimbabwe, Guatemala, Ethiopia
Availability Year-round
Packaging Ask for the options
Discovered or suppliers’ brand

Storage advice Sugar snaps

In the store

Sugar snaps must be kept refrigerated before sale.

At home

We advise consumers to keep sugar snaps in the refrigerator, in an open or in a sealed bag with holes. Then they can be kept for several days.

Usage tips Sugar snaps

Wash the sugar snaps before use and cut a tip from both ends. Pull off the fleshy thread that runs along the seam. Sugar snaps can be cooked, but also stir-fried, steamed, stewed, or blanched for use in salads. Unlike snow peas, you can eat sugar snaps raw.

Extra tip for the consumer
Why not try your sugar snaps raw in a delicious salad!

Calendar Sugar snaps


Growing areas Sugar snaps

Presumably, sugar snaps originally come from Asia. Our sugar snaps mainly come from Kenya, Zimbabwe, Guatemala and Ethiopia.

Discovered Sugar snaps

Sugar snaps go under our brand Discovered. The packaging on Discovered products provides not only details about their source and flavour but also explains how the product should be stored and prepared.


Sugar snaps

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