Hokkaido pumpkin

Hokkaidopompoen van Yex

The Hokkaido pumpkin is a small, broad, round pumpkin that is usually a bright red-orange. The flesh of this pumpkin is yellow-orange and has a nutty flavour. The skin is edible, just like that of the butternut squash. Name Hokkaido pumpkin or Japanese pumpkin Family Cucurbitaceae Species Cucurbita maxima var. hubbaridianna Origin Japan Source The […]

Muscat Squash

Muskaatpompoen van Yex

The muscat squash or muscat pumpkin is a delicious pumpkin that comes in a multitude of varieties. Its standard shape is usually oblate and ribbed, but can vary in size and shape. The rind is green at first and changes to an orangey brown/beige colour as the squash ages. The soft flesh has a lot […]