Our brand

Discovered is a colorful consumer brand for surprising fruit and vegetables. Discovered is synonymous with a high-quality range of fresh products that are carefully selected by our experts from all over the globe. We see it as a challenge to search the world and discover products to surprise and delight the consumer. For this reason, we look for suppliers who meet the very highest quality standards and who have the same passion for their product as we do. Of course, creating a future-proof supply chain for our partners is a priority in everything we do. We consider it our mission to let consumers experience the unique flavours and the many uses of our fruit and vegetables. With Discovered, we want to make it easier for consumers to enjoy our fruit and vegetables. We do this through product information, recipes, tips and other inspiration on our website, social media, on packaging and store materials and so on. Due to our market research and our years of experience, we have an accurate picture of the consumer. We like to use this information to support our customers in their future sales activities. If we’ve managed to enthuse you with our passion and our approach, please contact us to find out how we can help you take your product range and your bottom line to the next level. Our service does not stop at delivery – we also help you in your sales ventures.

Eye-catching packaging

Our Discovered packaging has a cheerful, colourful appearance that stands out on the shop shelf. Thanks to the easy-to-scan QR code, consumers have direct access to a huge number of tips and recipes. This information is essential because many consumers are still unfamiliar with many of our products. This allows consumers to see how they can use the product in the shop. Our packaging therefore helps sell these delicious products. We can’t make it any easier…

Thanks to our experience, we can help you increase the appeal of and return on exotic produce. Feel free to contact us to discuss available options!

Would you like to feature Discovered in your range?

Would you like to feature Discovered in your range, or would you like to talk to us? Then contact us!

We want you to be able to enjoy as many unusual fruits and vegetables as possible. And we want to bring this passion into your home with Discovered products. We will take you into the world of our producers and give you a glimpse of the origin of their products and what they taste like. We bet you’ll taste the difference!
Martijn de Graaf
Managing Director
Discovered informs the client on how these special products taste, how to cook them, but also where to store them and where they come from. This certainly helps grow the consumption of exotics.
Edwin van Leeuwen
Commercial Manager