Our farmers

Our passion is to search the world looking for exotic products we think you would like to discover. As you might guess, our farmers play an important part in this. We have a close relationship with them: we see them as members of our family. Our farmers grow their products with passion and skill. So join us as we take you into their world and tell you the story behind our products.

Social sustainability is our priority. We want to feel good with our suppliers, and they must respect all social and food safety requirements. If they need help, we will support them in getting it right. We always work according to European standards. Farmers and employees receive fair prices and wages because fairness is one of our core values. We also think it is important that our farmers’ products receive the attention they deserve. For example, we regularly do joint promotions with farmers.

The Yex Family

Yex strongly believes in shortening chains. Due to extensive cooperation with farmers, it is possible to be a specialist in all aspects involved in the cultivation, harvesting, packaging, transport and marketing of products. For that reason, Yex has joined forces with farmers for a number of important products in the form of joint ventures from our parent company Farmhouse International.

In such a strategic partnership, we optimally benefit from each other’s strength and expertise. This results in certainty in product range and efficient service for the customer. We invest together in further product and market development, and we offer our customers availability all year-round.

This allows our customers to buy directly from the farmer, while the farmer can focus on their core task: growing beautiful products. Together we ensure access to the European market. We support each other in all aspects of marketing, logistics, quality control and sustainability.


SPOT is a joint venture between the American company Battleboro Produce in North Carolina, a sweet potato grower, and Farmhouse International. SPOT is the European specialist for sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes are carefully grown, harvested, stored, processed and shipped on our North Carolina farms. To provide our customers with the best sweet potatoes year-round, we supplement the range with sweet potatoes from other production areas.

Visit the SPOT website

FV SeleQt

FV Seleqt is a joint venture of Zimflex from Zimbabwe and Farmhouse International voor the legume category. FV SeleQt is the European specialist for sugar snaps, snow peas, haricot verts and bimi. FV SeleQt has its own unique product locations in Africa. This allows us to offer our customers optimum security in terms of food safety, quality and availability. The products come from Africa most of the year. At other times of the year, the range is supplemented with supplies from other continents.

Visite the FV SeleQt website


Avor is a company of the South African avocado grower Allesbeste and Farmhouse International. Avor supplies Avocados from Allesbeste, supplemented with harvests from carefully selected growers from other countries. Together with these growers, we can provide our customers with the best avocados all year round. Avor guarantees food safety, sustainability, and the best product quality.

Visit the Avor website

Do you want to become a supplier for Yex?

Are you a grower, exporter or just plain enthusiastic about products from your area or region? Then we would like to get in touch. We are always on the lookout for cooperation with passionate parties that are at the start of the food chain.

Get in touch with us – we are curious to hear what you have to offer.

What Yex has to offer you:

  • Connections with a European network of supermarkets, wholesalers and food service
  • Marketing and strategy for the introduction of your products
  • Lifting the quality of your products to a level that meets the European standards
  • Providing information about the normal course of affairs on the European market
  • Advice about packaging
  • Logistics network for the storage of your product