In order to meet the requirements of our clients, quality is the highest priority at Yex.

First of all, this involves the basic qualities of a product, such as suitability for consumption, excellent taste and the look. Additional product characteristics that our clients require are e.g. authenticity and sustainability, as well as fair-trade production. We have our own special quality department, which is divided into two teams: Quality Assurance and Quality Control.

We hebben een speciale kwaliteitsafdeling welke is opgesplitst in twee teams: Quality Assurance en Quality Control.

Both teams work hard every day to guarantee and further refine these product specifications for every individual client. Through this professional work method, we guarantee that all of our products comply with the legal EU food safety regulations.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance is in touch with the growers about Yex’ wishes regarding the way in which the products are grown. All of these products comply with the regulations that were set by the Global Food Safety Initiative regarding the application of production methods and techniques, the use of soil and natural resources. In these regulations, the work conditions in which the products are produced and packed are also described.

Quality Control

Together with our producers, Quality Control makes sure that the products are harvested, packed and sent to Yex and its clients at exactly the right time. The products must comply with the specifications that are currently used regarding look, ripeness, shape, size, weight and packaging. These are discussed and set with the clients and the producers before each season in order to completely satisfy our customers and to have them enjoy our products to the fullest.
Food safety is paramount! We have everything that is needed to meet our client-specific demands. The suppliers meet agreements (which are clearly set) and will be the ultimate proof of the success of meeting the set goals.
Sacha Martens
Operations Manager
The IFS Broker certificate is the finishing touch; in other words, our company basis is good and this is the reward for it. Yex carefully safeguards all processes in order to deliver a safe food product. This certificate shows that we, as a company, know what we are doing.
Emma Hage
Quality Assurance Coordinator


Yex imports products from far and wide. Many of these products are produced at a small scale in countries such as Vietnam, Kenya and Columbia. They also have to comply to the conditions that large German and English retailers set up. It is not difficult to have a broad assortment, but to safeguard the food safety, we choose our own suppliers and products carefully. In order to guarantee this, Yex is certified by the IFS and SKAL norms.

IFS Broker

The IFS Broker certificate shows that we comply to the food safety standards and have taken certain measures to safeguard the food safety. We work with approved suppliers and possible risks that come with the purchasing of the goods are completely controllable.


The SKAL certificate ensures that we comply to all demands regarding the import and trade of biological products.


GLOBALG.A.P. is the internationally recognized standard for farm production. The goal is safe and sustainable agricultural production to benefit farmers, retailers and consumers throughout the world.