1-2-3 towards a sustainable policy at Yex

At Yex, we want to have a positive influence on people and the environment. On our own people and environment, and on that of our farmers. With them, we are taking steps towards a better world. That is why we invest in long-term relationships.

Our sustainability policy has 3 pillars. Each pillar is linked to a Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) as defined by the United Nations.

Responsible supply chain management

Yex has a central position within the chain. That entails responsibility. And we take responsibility; especially by properly planning supply and demand, which prevents food waste as much as possible. That requires optimum knowledge of cultivation and consumers.

Just like our own growers, we set strict requirements for our farmers all over the world: in terms of quality, safety, social standards and the environment. We visit our farmers regularly to see the circumstances on the ground with our own eyes.

Good employment practices

We cherish our employees. They determine the success of Yex. That is why we offer them a safe and pleasant working environment and opportunities for development. Trainees can gain experience with us in the fruit and vegetable sector. This is a two-way street: currently more than half of our staff are interns.

Every year we conduct a satisfaction survey among our employees. Last time Yex scored 8 out of 10 on almost all components. A reason to be proud, and a responsibility to maintain this as a minimum. And we do: there are regular activities to strengthen the team spirit. A happy team is a healthy business!

The same responsibility applies to our growers abroad. The basis is a safe and pleasant working environment for employees. We also contribute to the local community, with activities regarding meal provision, education, sports and medical facilities. The social aspect is essential. Doing something regularly with each other strengthens the bond between people and increases job satisfaction.

Sustainable business operations

We also take responsibility for the products we trade. In particular in regard to packaging. We are constantly looking for smarter packaging methods that entail fewer residual flows and packaging that is more degradable. We inspire consumers with information to live more sustainably.

We are also constantly looking for opportunities to minimise residual flows or to give them a second life and to combat food waste. We regularly provide food banks with fruit and vegetables.

Better every day

Naturally, we encounter challenges throughout the entire process, but we do not avoid them. We want to do better with each step. Because together we can make the world a better place.