Pomelo: a growing product

This large, delicious citrus fruit is becoming ever more popular. Pomelo consumption within Europe has increased slightly in recent years. Our pomelos are at their very best right now: juicy, wonderfully flavourful, beautifully shaped, and packed with nutrients.

Pomelos are thirst-quenchers, they aid digestion as well as weight loss, and will help break up phlegm and reduce coughing. They are also bursting with vitamins, citric acids, calcium, phosphorus, iron, and other nutrients. So, it is definitely a product to start the new year off healthy. Pomelos have very soft skins at this point in the season, which makes them very easy to peel.

We currently get our pomelos from China, which is producing large volumes of high-quality pomelos right now. In addition to the honey pomelo (with a whitish-yellow flesh), we also have pink pomelos (with pink flesh). The Chinese pomelo season lasts until February approximately.

Yex actively supports this wonderful product and we will be happy to help you with special offers and promotional activities.

lease contact Xian Huang, our pomelo Yexpert for more information and availabilities.
Xian Huang
T +31 174 479 162
M +31 6 42 38 48 78
E x.huang@yex.nl

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