Sustainability at Yex

Surprise consumers with our delicious exotic produce and help them enjoy them in a way that does justice to the products. That is what we, at Yex, are committed to every day with passion and dedication. We would like to see people enjoying our products responsibly – resulting in happy people and a healthy planet. Sustainability is integrated in all links of our chain. These are each linked to one or more of the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) of the United Nations.


Everything starts with our growers. At Yex, we want to provide customers with healthy products that we support with our hearts and minds. Our products are grown in conditions that are good for people and the environment, so that everyone in our value chain is and remains happy. Just like our own growers, we set strict requirements for our farmers all over the world: in terms of quality, safety, social standards and the environment. We visit our farmers regularly to see the circumstances on site with our own eyes.


Our products come from far away and must therefore be properly protected and packaged. However, we do want to handle our packaging responsibly. That’s why we always look for the balance between product and packaging. Well-packaged products often prevent food waste. We do not want food waste, but neither do we want packaging waste. We are constantly looking for smarter packaging methods that entail fewer residual flows and packaging that is more degradable.


The transport of our products is essential in our sustainability strategy. By transporting our products under the right conditions, we prevent food waste because the quality and shelf life are better maintained. We are constantly looking for new possibilities to transport our products as efficiently as possible or to produce our products closer to home.


We believe a better world always starts with ourselves. We make our business operations more sustainable through efficiency and innovation. We use renewable energy sources, such as solar energy and geothermal energy. In addition, there are two crucial themes that play a main role in our sustainable business operations: reducing food waste and good employment practices. We aim to reduce our food waste by half by 2030. With these efforts, we are not only reducing food waste but also greenhouse gas emissions. In order to succeed in our sustainability efforts, satisfied and engaged employees are essential. Because when it comes to sustainability, we can only make an impact together!


Our ultimate goal is to offer consumers the most healthy, wide range and attractive choice of fruit and vegetables. Not only do people have an interest in a varied, healthy and mainly plant-based diet, it is also good for our planet. We want to inspire consumers to eat tasty, plant-based and healthier food. We do this by providing product information, recipes, tips and other inspiration on our website, social media, on packaging and shop materials and so on.

Want to know more about sustainability?

Yex is part of Farmhouse International. So is our sustainability policy. Would you like comprehensive information about our sustainable approach, including examples? Continue reading on the Farmhouse website.