“There is nothing more important than a satisfied customer”

Yexpert Stories: Team leader Riza

This time, we let Riza Erikmen team leader at ABC Logistics, do the talking. Thanks to the long and intensive cooperation with this partner, the order process at Yex runs smoothly.

At ABC Logistics, we prepare the orders for Yex’ customers. As a team leader, I manage a group of order pickers, and I love the great challenge of making that process run optimally. I’ve been in this business for 15 years now, so I know almost all the customers, suppliers and products. By now, I know what the demands of our customers are. One customer wants his product in a flow pack while the other wants it loose. And one customer wants his avocados to be greener than the other. That has everything to do with the final destination. A product that has a long way to go before it ends up with the consumer needs to be a little less ripe.

Top sport

Did you know that we sometimes have as many as fifty different exotics on one pallet? All different products with different properties and in different packaging. Sounds like a challenge, right? It is, and that is where my experience comes in very handy. I transfer that experience to my team of order pickers and together, we ensure that all orders leave on time and according to the correct specifications. Quite a bit of top sport!

Important gog

Important gog I think it’s extremely important to keep a close eye on the quality of our products. That’s why I make sure that our order pickers check the quality extra carefully. They have to keep their eyes peeled, and when in doubt, take action. Then they’ll consult with me or the quality inspector, and then we decide what we’ll do. The most important thing is that our customer is happy. So, the amounts have to be correct, the quality has to be good and the agreements mus be kept. We’re only one gog in the whole, but a very important one!

More frequent calling and messaging

In addition to managing the order pickers, as a team leader I have a whole list of duties: consulting with the quality inspector, repacking orders, stickering, taking pictures, answering questions, keeping an eye on email and messaging groups, and so on. Good communication is very important. It’s nice that the mutual contacts between ABC Logistics and Yex run smoothly and that we know how to find each other easily. Although, in times of Covid, it’s a bit more complicated than before. The employees at the office can’t just walk into our warehouse. We solve that by calling and messaging each other more often, but it remains difficult. Sometimes you just want to show a product orhave someone feel it.

Favourite product

For me, working with the Yex products is really special. The Mangistan is my favorite product: delicious! But of course I see many more delicious and special fruits and vegetables passing by here. Incidentally, some products are a bit more difficult for us in the order process. Asparagus, for example, doesn’t last very long and certainly doesn’t come cheap. Physalis is also quite a vulnerable product. But of course we handle it very carefully and with our experience we always get it right.

Get the job done together

I really enjoy my work. We work with great products, and we have a great team. The collaboration with the Yex colleagues is also going very well. We all feel that we need to get the job done together. I sometimes make pretty long days: I always start at 7 and don’t leave until everything is finished. During busy times, sometimes I don’t finish until 6pm. But that’s okay, because I always go home feeling fulfilled.

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