Aardbeien van Yex

The strawberry is one of the most popular types of fruit there is. From a botanical point of view, the strawberry is a false fruit: the small seeds on the outside are the real fruits. Strawberries are also referred to as “summer kings”, but are available throughout the year. Fresh strawberries have a sweet and […]


Frambozen van Yex

After the strawberry, the raspberry, together with the blueberry, is the most popular product in soft fruit. Raspberries are pink-red to dark-red fruits. They are made up of numerous balls, the so-called partial fruits. Raspberries are deliciously juicy and sweet, firm and even in colour. Name Framboos Family Rosaceae Varieties Kweli, Kwanza, Amira, Imara, Rafiki, […]


Blauwe bessen van Yex

Blueberries are becoming increasingly popular. A logical development, as it is a healthy and delicious snack, ideal for on the road. Blueberries have a fresh sweet taste and crispy bite. We have many different varieties, some varieties taste slightly more acidic than others. Name Blauwe bes Family Ericaceae Varieties Jewel, Chandler, Brigitta, Blue crop, Spartan, […]


Bramen van Yex

The blackberry is related to the strawberry. The deep blue fruits with a characteristic aroma consist of numerous so-called partial fruits. The first blackberries of the season sometimes taste slightly tangy, but afterwards they are sweet and juicy. Name Blackberry Family Rosaceae Varieties Loch Ness, Tupi Origin Unknown Source Netherlands, Mexico, Spain, Guatemala, Portugal Availability […]


Rode bessen van Yex

The redcurrant is a round, red berry with a small crown. Redcurrants grow in clusters and have a translucent clear to dark red colour. Redcurrants have a fresh sweet and sour taste. Name Redcurrant Family Grossulariaceae Varieties Junifer, Rovada Origin Western Europe Source Netherlands, Chile and Portugal Availability Yearround Packaging Ask for the options Brand […]